Heritage Ventures provides four service lines to help your organization scale. We build or repair the Go-to-Market Strategies. We implement a repeatable and scalable revenue model. We fix the internal operations. We help you raise funds.

The foundation of a successful company begins with a properly developed Go-to-Market Strategy. The goal is to align the product and the organization with the buying process of the customer. The strategy must contain disruptive components that minimize the competition and increase revenue generating opportunities.

Some of the methodologies used to build the strategy include Customer Insight, Customer Journey, Competitive Capabilities, Market Disruption, Maven Capture and Target Pricing.

Revenue Acceleration is more than selling to your relationships. It involves building a revenue chain that captures buyers earlier in their research process. The revenue chain involves messaging to the buyer at each stage of their decision process. The revenue chain must accelerate the buying process of the customer.

Some of the methodologies used to build the revenue chain include Waterfall Metrics, Value Messaging, Digital Assets, Value Selling and Social Media Outreach.

Organizational Effectiveness occurs when the all company departments are incented to achieve the same goals. It involves developing both financial and non-financial targets for each and every department. It involves coordinating the resources across the company to maximize revenue.

Some of the methodologies used to build operational efficiencies include Revenue Chain, Financial Statements, Departmental Analytics, Product Evolution and Training & Enablement.

Capital Sourcing involves articulating an effective Go-to-Market Strategy with the right message to the right investor. This is created from the perspective of what an investor needs to make a “go or no-go” decision on a particular company.

Some of the methodologies used include Strategy and Presentations, Investor Outreach Programs, Pools of Capital and Matching Algorithm.