Revenue Acceleration is more than selling to your relationships. It involves building a revenue chain that captures buyers earlier in their research process. The revenue chain involves messaging to the buyer at each stage of their decision process. The revenue chain must accelerate the buying process of the customer.


Revenue Chain is an alignment of the organization to the buying habits of the customer. Using information obtained from Customer Insights and Customer Journey, the organization is setup up to message the right message to the right buyer at their appropriate stage in their buying process. It begins with outreach to mavens, early adopters and consortiums. The customer is pulled along the revenue chain to become a marketing-qualified lead to a sales -qualified lead. Marketing and sales are aligned in their goals. The benefit to an organization is more revenue and increased deal velocity.


Value Messaging is a process by which sales people are better able to articulate the value proposition of the product at each stage of the customer buying process. The sales representative is taught how to articulate value propositions that have a direct impact on the financial statements of their customers. They are taught how to create action by articulating the consequences of alternatives or no action. Last, they are taught how to create a vision to success for the customer. The benefit to an organization is faster sales cycles and more sales representatives hitting their quota.


Digital assets are the creation of content specific to each stage of the buyer journey and at each touch point in the waterfall metrics. Digital assets are also used to reach buyers earlier in their evaluation process. Value messaging and value propositions are applied to pull the prospect through the pipeline. Digital assets come in multiple forms including audio, video, written form or a combination of the above. The benefit to the organization is more revenue as prospects use your content in their decision making process.


Value Propositions are how your organizations are explicitly driving benefit to your customers. The methodology seeks to uncover the benefits the customer expects along with alleviating pain points. By looking at pains and gains from both the product and the customer perspective, specific value is developed. Most often the value comes in the form of tangible effects to the financial statements as well as personal wins for the buyer. The benefit to the organization is more revenue by elimating competitor threats.


Social Media Presence is one of the more powerful tools for any marketer. It involves using social media in a way that highlights the brand and the expertise of an organization. Techniques like “push based content” enables information to be delivered to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers. Other techniques include “listening” which enables the organization to naturally insert themselves into online conversations. The benefit to the organization is greater interaction with the right buyer to drive more revenue.