If you are an Angel Investor, you need to know us…

Heritage Ventures sources capital and accelerates revenue for companies. Some investors consider us to be a matchmaking service between companies seeking capital and investors seeking a reliable deal flow. These same investors express frustration that they cannot find quality companies in which they can invest and participate in an advisory capacity. Heritage Ventures is here to help Angel Investors with relevant and reliable deal flow.

Heritage Ventures typically helps two types of CEOs: those that have had multiple exits, and those who have never been through the process. CEOs with multiple exits state that if they did the capital sourcing process on their own, they would have to give up managing their business. CEOs that have never sourced capital neither have the contacts nor the expertise to successfully manage the process.

Heritage Ventures has three different service lines: Healthcare, Technology and Real Estate. The healthcare practice helps sources capital for digital health platforms to get through the 510(K) process and the FDA approval process. The technology practice contains companies as wide and varied as SaaS applications, mobile applications and even drones. The Real Estate practice is building a $100M fund for a REIT from endowments and Universities across the United States.

We have a number of methodologies to help CEO’s to prepare for meeting with investors. Some of the activities include building or modifying investor decks, preparing financial statements, structuring a cap table and practice presentations. The in depth consultative assistance prepares companies for the rigors of meeting with investors.

We speak with investors on a daily basis to understand their investment and advisory preferences. Some investors prefer to diversify their investments into small chunks across multiple companies. Others prefer to make larger investments but take a greater and more active role as an advisor. Investors get a sense of comfort knowing that Heritage Ventures will provide reliable deal flow that is relevant to their interests. They also know that the CEO’s with whom they speak show up prepared and ready for the meeting.

Engagement with an investor begins with Heritage Ventures sending a one-page description along with an overview of the opportunity to the investor. If the investor is interested, Heritage Ventures will set up a meeting between the CEO and the investor. The investor meets with the CEO (preferably in person) and learns about the opportunity. After the meeting, the investor tells Heritage Ventures whether they want to continue the process with the CEO. If a second meeting occurs, and the investor continues to express interest in the opportunity, the investor relationship is transferred to the CEO. The investor finishes the due diligence and invests in the company.

Investors understand the uniqueness and differentiation of Heritage Ventures. They understand that companies need a corporate development arm to source capital. They also appreciate that Heritage Ventures does not take a commission on the transaction. Investors appreciate the value of our services as we provide a relevant and reliable deal flow.

If you are an Angel Investor interested in relevant and reliable deal flow, we encourage you to meet us.

For more information about how Heritage Ventures sources capital and accelerates revenue, please contact either Cameron Ackbury at Cameron@HeritageVentures.com, Chris Wheeler at ChrisWheeler@HeritageVentures.com or Tim Shiple at TimShiple@HeritageVentures.com.