Heritage Ventures – Over 200 Pools of Capital for your Business

A Perspective from the Research Team

Heritage Ventures has over 200 pools of capital for your business. The perceptions from these pools of capital about your business venture will impact the value of your business. The perception of value determines how much time and money (if any) the investor is willing to invest. Therefore, it is critical to find the right investor who will appreciate and understand the value of your business venture and provide the financial backing needed to move your business to the next phase.

The Heritage Venture’s Research Team provides potential investors from our over 200 pools of capital who express interest in investing in our client’s business. It is important for our research team to understand our client’s product(s), business model, uniqueness, differentiation and financial needs to find the right investor. We help our clients craft a pitch deck that tells a beautiful story about the business and we use that pitch deck in our outreach campaigns.

“Venturing” out into the investor world can be intimidating and overwhelming for any new business. We try to make the investor world easier for our clients. The Partner’s at Heritage Ventures provides the research team with a template of data points and comparable companies that helps us quickly create and organize a contact sheet of potential investors. This process focuses the research team to hone in on investors that would most likely to invest in our client’s business venture. Our process gives confidence to our clients that they will be successful.

The research team continually source new pools of capital. We research investor’s academic backgrounds, their interests, hobbies and prior investments to determine if they are a good fit for our clients. We use this information to engage with investors, understand their investment requirements and arrange a meeting.

Eventually investors and the client establish a relationship and engage in a conversation. Heritage Ventures believes that it is the client’s responsibility to pitch the investor. After all, isn’t the investor investing in our client?

After being exposed to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and capital investors, we are continually amazed at how much money is out there for those who want to start a business venture. Now all I have to do is come up with a great business idea of my own!

About Heritage Ventures: Heritage Ventures is a Silicon Valley based Organization leveraging frameworks, connections, and experience to drive revenue growth and access to capital. We scale companies by offering four interrelated execution services including: Go-to-Market Strategies, Revenue Acceleration, Organizational Excellence, and Capital Sourcing. Each of these services is necessary to help companies break the barriers to growth.

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