On any given day, there are over 16,000 startups competing for the attention of over 21,000 investors. Many of these conversations happen in the Silicon Valley.

As an early pioneer you invented a new way to help customers with your products and services. You worked tirelessly writing code. You found a customer, maybe ten, through personal relationships. You try to accelerate revenue. You try to get your operations in order. You search for an investor that believes in your company and shares in your vision.
And you can’t scale. And you can’t sleep.

Heritage Ventures is an Advisory Firm for small to mid-sized high tech startups. We offer four very related execution services to help start-ups scale: Go-to-Market Strategies, Revenue Acceleration, Organizational Effectiveness and Capital Sourcing. Each of these services are necessary to help a start-up break the barriers to growth.

We build or repair the Go-to-Market Strategies. We implement a repeatable and scalable revenue model. We fix the internal operations. We help you raise funds.

In addition, your company will have access to our methodologies, 1000’s of contacts, advisors from publicly traded companies, the Harvard Alumni Network, the Wisconsin Alumni Network, the DePaul Alumni Network, venture capital firms and unique Silicon Valley perspectives.

We help you scale. We help you sleep at night.

The best part is the price: we share in the risk.

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Chris Wheeler is a veteran of the technology industry and a proven leader with a strong record in company building, value creation and fundraising. His industry expertise includes Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Software, Finance, Staffing and Life Sciences.

At Heritage Ventures, we work with some of the most successful innovators among Silicon Valley’s leading life science companies.

  • We partner with Nobel Laureates in the field of computational biology.
  • We work with some of the best and brightest in the field of venture capital and private equity.
  • At Stanford University, Berkeley, UW Madison, and Harvard, we work with leaders providing innovation in traditional medicine, integrative medicine, oncology, neurology, health, data, and AI.
  • We consider ourselves to be experts at inventing services, products, and therapeutics that provide deep improvements in the way healthcare is delivered.
  • We work with investors, entrepreneurs, and customers to create large and profitable businesses.